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24 Tweets Proving That Pets Change Our Lives For The Better…


  1. Posted by ohmaimaia, — Reply

    My grandma called me skinny in Spanish.....then proceeded to feed me fried potato enchiladas and many cheese/jalapeño Tamales. 😂 I love her cooking so I could deny it.

  2. Posted by handzovaivana, — Reply

    My grandma thinked i was too skinny so everytime i went on visit she fed me with everything and even said "if you eat it i will buy you this doll" and i never finished anything XD, also they have a dog who is fat like that husky

  3. Posted by JurassicNewt, — Reply

    My ‘grandma’ (she’s not really my grandma, but my sisters and I call her that) told me I was “so skinny!” And gave me like six cannolis and a bunch of other desserts

  4. Posted by CourtneyIsApotato69, — Reply

    My grandma thinks I’m fat which I’m not really that fat even though my profile picture is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream y’all got good grandma‘s not saying mines bad but she’s hating on me because I’m thick

  5. Posted by bellarae9102006, — Reply

    dang my italian grandmother (i call her Nonna) tells me im too little and skinny. once i told her i wasnt hungry but she fixed me food anyways. i deeply regret saying i wasnt hungry bc i ate some gooood foood 😂

  6. Posted by nootaloo1130, — Reply

    When you're at your Mexicans friends house and their mom asks if you want more but give some more either way

  7. Posted by hiya2810, — Reply

    My grandma always blames my mom for not feeding me and my brother and then proceeds to make our favorite dishes and stuff us with sweets

  8. Posted by TheDonkeySquad, — Reply

    Oh my goodness he looks so happy

  9. Posted by jiangoh23, — Reply

    Until they found out that their parents are asian

  10. Posted by cheyenneboze09, — Reply


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