30 Days glow up challenge for women! Lose weight and get in shape!


30 Days glow up challenge for women! Lose weight and get in shape!


  1. Posted by tehilla_itz_me, — Reply

    Hi guys😊 I've created a Glow-Up google classroom where we join together and compare various things. I just created it so it's pretty new. I wanna post anything you guys suggest. Here's the code😊 hvqsbu6. Please join if your looking for that AWESOME glow up

  2. Posted by haileenichole967, — Reply

    First week down and I don’t see any physical changes, obviously, but I do feel a little bit stronger. I’m going to pair it with Chloe ting for the last two weeks.

  3. Posted by ihavenoidea__1, — Reply

    Well almost a month but the last 2 weeks i didnt continue it because i have health problems now lol but not because of this workout BUT I recommend it bcz it had some results tho

  4. Posted by ImaoLoLxD, — Reply

    I am starting this too <3 I will comment back every 2 weeks to tell how it’s going . I hope everyone is ok with this COVID thing. Take care everyone until the next 2 weeks :)

  5. Posted by SmolSteph, — Reply

    okay i’m actually gonna do this- starting tomorrow cuz its sunday today and work drains me enough already, i’m kinda excited though 👀

  6. Posted by priyanka667, — Reply

    I’m sick and tired of making fake promises to myself. IM GOING TO F*CKING BURN DAT FAT. I’ll surely update in a month.....

  7. Posted by 0eac52d34fc047daae766930fa77de, — Reply

    this is good but why does it say "you go girl" at the end ? this implies that all boys are fit or something and girls are not

  8. Posted by cookieavocado, — Reply

    Does it work? I still have a month till school and I wanna glow up, I’ll try it if anyone says it works

  9. Posted by peachystoke, — Reply

    i love all of us collectively working towards making ourselves feel better in our bodies 🥺!

  10. Posted by hsa518, — Reply

    Now that it’s the beginning of the month, I’m going to start this. I’ll keep everyone updated!

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