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Are you loving using Pinterest to find your next inspirational and motivational quote iPhone wallpaper? We’ve got a round up right here of our favorite self-love quotes to inspire boss babes and creatives alike. These quotes to live by are perfect for instagram captions, or just to add a little meaning to your mobile phone background.


  1. Posted by elarepuher, — Reply

    I agree, but it doesn't mean that inappropriate and/ or hurtful behaviors of the others should find a safe place with me.

  2. Posted by willowpaige40, — Reply

    Always am..not gotta change that fact to make others confortable.

  3. Posted by baishayusof, — Reply

    Need this.. Thanks

  4. Posted by miahaperez01, — Reply

    glad i made my friends comfortable around me.💙

  5. Posted by serafinasmile, — Reply


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