Silence Is The Best Answer To Someone Who Doesn't Value Your Word


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  1. Posted by supipisankalpana, — Reply

    I always try to bs silent. But at the times i am telling the same thing that how my bf doesnt give my priorities at certain times. May be he'll fed up soon. But im quiet disappointed as i dont feel like he's excited abt me or giving me priorities. He really has no a dedication to meet me even. He needs it..but he has no dedications on it..

  2. Posted by josephrovira, — Reply

    Include a dramatic eye-roll 🙄 and look the other way. Ya know, to let them know just what they are worth to you. 😎

  3. Posted by lizaprokova8017, — Reply

    Interesting when I’m clearly saying something to someone and have tried this because they won’t listen

  4. Posted by ireneolga1539, — Reply

    Remember Dr She in Boston area? The one never talked about it.

  5. Posted by foxsusy, — Reply

    Not value there opinion!! This isn't another shit show that's over. They don't value my words than.

  6. Posted by majaradovic0, — Reply

    In my opinion, silence is gold. I simple don't care how my silence would be interpreted by others.

  7. Posted by juliacatlett49, — Reply

    Sometimes the sound of silence can be effectively loud. I believe it works! ❤️

  8. Posted by brahman1977, — Reply

    Yes I like silence, the sound of silence is magnificent in this scenario

  9. Posted by isabelmac516, — Reply

    If I’m silent means get the hell out of my way. .😡

  10. Posted by burraston0780, — Reply

    But not to those who truly value everything about you

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