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Youthful, real love between a pure girl x sharp-tongued boy. ‘The boy I’ve had a long unrequited love for has found himself a girlfriend. On top of that, she’s my best friend. Even though I’m the one who met him and fell in love with him first. Why did he not choose me…?’ Heart-broken Aya meets Ryuu, an unpredictable, older boy. Aya gradually begins to be drawn to this sharp-tongued, but kind Ryuu. However, this love isn’t straightforward at all. “When you fall in love, you can’t keep being a ‘kind, good girl’.” Ryuu’s words pierce her heart, doesn’t disappear and is painful, but…?


  1. Posted by elainefichtner, — Reply

    Koi ni dokubari.....

  2. Posted by rebecajboada, — Reply

    Hayyy me encanto la imagen!!! no esta en español????

  3. Posted by manoshisaha07, — Reply

    It’s sooooooooo cute 😍😍

  4. Posted by nerdsoueu, — Reply

    Aonde vcs vê esse mangá

  5. Posted by manoshisaha07, — Reply

    This manga is the best

  6. Posted by mariacarrico1, — Reply

    Qual é o manga?

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